About us

In 1916, Ishida Taiseisha started up a printing company in Kyoto. His key motivation and core focus has always been to constantly innovate and deliver results above expectations to his clients. And as times evolved, so did ITP.

Today, we keep on combining our Japanese roots with European and worldwide influences. They all blend in a unique mix of work ethics and value proposition. A direct effect is that we only settle for high standards, qualitative and timely delivery and maximizing your return.

We add value through our extensive experience in localization, creative design and multi-channel publishing to bring our clients to the cutting edge of global, corporate communication.

Vision Statement

To shape visuals, localize writings and design publishing solutions that our clients’ audiences like to read and love to see.

Mission Statement

Enable our clients to achieve their business goals by being their partner of choice in creating tailor-made content solutions for their communication needs.