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Toyota Service Marketing (TSM) is Toyota’s trump card in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and high-quality repairs worldwide.  

TSM is a development programme for Toyota aftersales, helping its Authorized Repairers deliver an outstanding ownership experience for end-customers, while achieving top efficiency and profitability at the same time. 

Made by design 

TP Europe was tasked with supporting the rollout of TSM and building the best quality-driven manufacturer network across Europe. 


We started by defining a clear identity for TSM and then worked to localise publications and content to support local markets. Distributors pitched in themselves and added content to be localised, so we could meet all the country-specific requirements. The publications were designed, typeset and made brand-compliant in InDesign with a clear structure. 


ITP’s multi-skilled approach took into account all the various linguistic and graphic design requirements from the outset, avoiding redundant task and increasing process and cost efficiency. Talk about designer goods! 

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