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TPCE Safety Plan 

Toyota Parts Centre Europe is Toyota’s central distribution centre in Belgium – the beating heart of its parts supply chain, shipping thousands of parts to depots across the region every day. This massive warehouse sees people working with machinery such as forklifts. So, a clean safety record is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.  

Safe space 

New team members need a helping hand getting to grips with all the health and safety rules. And while most of the more experienced staff know the dos and don’ts, not everyone sticks to them all the time. But even though safety isn’t the most riveting of topics, ‘accidentally’ forgetting the rules can lead to accidentally getting injured. 

So, to get employees thinking about how to work safely and prevent hazards, ITP Europe put together an awareness campaign – focusing on the individual, not the company. We knocked up some cool A5 reference cards with a 3D rendering of what a safe situation looks like in the warehouse, plus a short description of the rules. We also put together a safety rules binder and a safety poster to hang up in public spaces, so anyone can check the rules anywhere and anytime. Now staff are in safe hands! 

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