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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is the European Headquarter for the automotive brands Toyota and Lexus. TME is responsible among other things for the creation and development of marketing and promotional assets for Toyota and Lexus Accessories.

Key issues / the challenge

TME decided after a pitch to outsource the coordination of the development of accessory assets to ITP. This means that we are responsible for the asset development in 4 main areas:

- Print: Accessories presented in the vehicle brochures as well as dedicated accessory brochures

- Web: Accessories presented on the European Toyota and Lexus websites as well as the Car Configurator

- Dealership: as part of the Toyota and Lexus showroom concept, Accessory animations are presented on           screens at the dealerships

- Training / Presentation: for presentation as part of the training, the necessary assets are developed.

Solution Description

ITP has taken on the project for the coordination of the Accessory assets development and has split this up in 2 main roles: the project-related aspects and all creative related aspects. In detail this consists of the following:

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