Océ printer software localization

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Localization of Océ Printing Manuals into Japanese

Océ, acquired by Canon Inc. in 2010, is a company based in The Netherlands which develops, manufactures and sells printing and copying hardware and thereto related software. In order to have their content localized into Japanese, according to Canon Inc. standards, they asked for ITP Europe’s help.

Key Issues

  • Quality of translation was insufficient.
  • No unified terminology, causing quality and inconsistency issues.
  • Data not translation-ready and a mixture of several file types (ITD, TSXML (client specific XML, HTML)).

Solution Description

By collaborating with ITP Japan, we securred professional translators and revisers with over 10 years of experience in the field of printing. A termbase set-up in SDL Multiterm™, approved by Canon Inc., was created and combined with a Master TM. Using tools such as PowerGrep™, TSXML files with HTML encoding were streamlined into translatable content. All segments that needed to be fixed in place were securely locked using internal tags. ITD files were tailored into structured projects using SDL Studio™. The thoroughly tested and documented workflow also includes quality checks using both internally developed tools and market-proven translation QA tools such as ApSIC Xbench™. All the above resulted in high quality output and a more efficient translation process saving time and avoiding redundancy.