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Subaru Sales App

Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a multifaceted transport equipment manufacturer, active on the global stage under three key pillars: Subaru Automobile Business, Aerospace Company and Industrial Products company.

Subaru Europe was seeking a partnership to develop an iPad iOS App to gather and display the content needed by the Subaru dealerships during the sales process with their customers. The App would be developed in a first phase for the Benelux market and then introduced to other European countries.

Key Issues

  • The Subaru Sales & Marketing-related content is featured in different locations (online or printed) and not always easily accessible for salespeople.
  • Smoothen new model introductions and product publication updates.
  • A flexible structure was needed to allow country-specific and user-specific content to be presented.

Solution Description

ITP has developed a native multilingual iOS App which is available both online and offline and has 2 types of users: customer view for public content and a password protected dealer view for private content.

The App has also been designed in such a way that it allows flexibility in regards to displaying the country-specific and user-specific content. It is indeed possible to define via the CMS by country, language and by user which content can be delivered.

To facilitate the updates of the content and make sure that the most up-to-date information is always available for the salespersons, the App has been linked to a Content Management System (CMS). Its interface makes it very easy to update content which is then pushed automatically to the Application when connected to the internet. The salesperson has the possibility to continue using the App during the download of the updated content and see the progress of the download at the same time.

Finally, the App contains all information that a salesperson would need in support of his or her daily activities. It includes for example:

  • All brochures and vehicle-related documentation (vehicle specifications, pricing, …)
  • Videos to present the brand and Subaru technologies
  • Sales guides
  • 360° views of the vehicle exteriors and interiors (with a color selection for the exteriors)
  • Comparison videos: main differences between Subaru vehicles and main competitors
  • A link to the Subaru quotation portal

This centralized content allows the salesperson to go through the whole sales process with his or her customer. In other words, the salesperson can show all brand and model information the customer might like to see. He/she can even create the quotation for the car(s) the customer is interested in with only one tool.

To sum up, amongst others, the benefits are:

  • Online as well as offline use
  • Centralized content and media assets
  • Always the latest content available
  • Controlled, error-free content
  • Tracking options and tool for analytics
  • Positive customer perception
  • Effective sales follow-up and offer editing
  • Effective customer data capturing
  • Paperless environment