Toyota High Volume Localization

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Toyota Nordic Business Case

Top-three car manufacturer Toyota is renowned for its lean production system. With dozens of different models to maintain, Toyota Service Centers need repair and maintenance information that is up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible. As Toyota Technical Documentation entered the world of structured authoring, ITP turned out to be a reliable partner for the concomitant localization work.

Key Issues

  • Handle large translation volumes within ever tighter deadlines without sacrificing quality
  • Guarantee translation consistency between successive manual versions and related documentation
  • Enforce customer-specific translation directives and localization rules (for measurement units, number formats, etc.)
  • Ensure contextually correct translations
  • Cater for changes in technology and documentation architecture

Solution Description

For the localization of Toyota Technical Documentation, we rely on our dedicated pool of professional translators. But we also try to automate where it makes sense and where there is a solid return on investment. That’s why we developed a suite of proprietary tools which:

  • optimize the input for translation and thereby simplify the overall process
  • “lock” non-translatable text in order to avoid accidental editing
  • automatically change numbers and measurement units to the right format
  • run quality assurance checks and apply automatic corrections

Toyota saw an improved productivity and quality throughout the localization process. By adding state-of-the-art translation technology to the workflow process, we managed to reduce translation cycles for a typical Toyota Repair Manual from more than 8 to less than 2 weeks. Yes, the more we improve, the more we are aware of the improvements that can still be made!