Toyota Nordic

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Toyota Nordic Business Case

The Scandinavian distributors were seeking a partnership to centralize and harmonize the production and distribution processes of their vehicles’ documentation in order to reduce their costs and workload.

Key Issues / The Challenge

Requirements for a centralized production and distribution of the vehicles’ documentation include:

  • Cost-effective translation / DTP processes (re-use of existing content)
  • Straightforward ordering process through a web-based ordering tool
  • Just-in-time delivery to a centralized HUB
  • Print-on-demand system for After Sales orders

Solution Description

Being involved in all the project steps (from translation to the actual delivery of the end product) allowed ITP to develop a helicopter view and in-depth understanding of the different processes and requirements of the distributors.

This set-up helped to improve the 3 pillars of this project:


  • Translation quality and lead time improved thanks to the implementation and maintenance of translation memories and terminology databases.
  • Translation and DTP processes improved continuously with the help of specific and customized technologies such as a comparison tool highlighting new and existing content.
  • Ultimately, translation and DTP costs have been decreased by 30%.


  • Online tool developed by ITP that provides continuous up-to-date forecasting information, enabling efficient print order management.
  • Semi print-on-demand system put in place to reduce the risk of leftover stock.


  • Online tool developed by ITP to automate the ordering process as much as possible between all parties involved.
  • Just-in-time delivery to the centralized HUB on a daily basis.

Ultimately, ITP could offer a full set of services that allows the distributors to reduce internal workload on all project-related tasks by almost 30%. The consolidated solution led to the client having more control and a more harmonized multi-country approach.