Toyota on-board system localization

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Toyota Nordic Business Case


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automotive manufacturer, ranked in the world top three. Toyota has entrusted ITP with the translation and localization of the content of the Navigation Display System.

Key Issues

  • Consistency with terminology of other documentation (Owner’s Manuals, Audio System, etc.)
  • Navigation displays have very limited space for words to be shown. Therefore everything needs to be concise to fit, yet being clear and natural.
  • Thorough quality checks are needed for an end user product. In order to ensure this, a QA check is required by simulating the navigation display as it would look like in the car.

Solution Description

ITP can draw on an existing, vast and stringently maintained term base for automotive, and in particular for Toyota. By running through the first pilot projects, a Master TM and MT were set up using SDL Trados™ and SDL Trados Multiterm™. Translation and revision were carried out in separate cycles by translators with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry field. After the translation cycle, an extra linguistic editing cycle was set up. Its purpose was to rework translated and revised content into wordings that were consistent and natural, yet would fit within the pixel limits defined by the constraints of the navigation screen.

In order to optimize this process and facilitate remote access by the translating team, the ITP development division programmed an online tool to measure the dot width/text ratio (with regards to screen pixels). After the shortening cycle, a final evaluation cycle was set up to perform an on-screen check of terminology usage, consistency and naturalness. This was also done through internal development of a tool that simulated the translated content to appear on the actual translation screen.

The consistent and customized approach for this specific translation demand led to faster turnaround times linked to a higher quality output.