Toyota service marketing identity

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ToyotaTSM (Toyota Service Marketing) is one of the strengths of Toyota worldwide in guaranteeing customer satisfaction and high quality repairs. Today’s European challenge is to implement TSM throughout the entire Toyota Repairer network and build the best pan-European quality-driven manufacturer network.

TSM is an all-encompassing repairer development program for the Toyota aftersales business area. This program aims at the continuous improvement of the Authorized Repairer network to reach the end goal of outstanding ownership experience for the end-customers. At the same time it achieves the highest levels of efficiency and sound profitability.

Key Issues

  • Define a clear identity for the TSM program and related publications.
  • Facilitate localization in the design of the publications and structure of the content.
  • Support local markets for the development of country-specific publications (specific content or tools used by Toyota network).

Solution Description

The different publications have been designed, typeset and made brand compliant in InDesign with a clear structure and grid to present all content to the end-users.

The distributors were offered the possibility to handle the translations themselves by accessing the content to be localized. The localized content was then imported into the design, which was flexible enough to meet all the country-specific personalization requirements.

ITP could apply a multi-skilled approach by taking into account all the different linguistic (localization) and graphic design requirements from the very beginning. This resulted in avoiding redundant tasks, hence increasing process and cost efficiency.